The Art of Writing

Grifos Italian Ultramarine Galuchat Fountain PenCelebrate the art of writing with this one of a kind fountain pen, made of natural stingray skin! Writing with this textured pen will not only excite your senses, but give you the perfect grip. Grifos pens are meticulously handcrafted by highly trained artisans in Aosta Valley, Italy. They make a perfect addition to any collection.  Click below to see our entire selection of sterling silver fountain and roller ball pens. Take one home today and let your super ego write!


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A Bit About Bamboo

Bamboo Bedding

Staying up-to-date on the latest styles and trends is our job here at Silken Wool Home. Sharing what we know and love is our passion, and we’re smitten, taken, head-over-heels in love with Bamboo Viscose Bedding Sets and Fabrics.

Indulging in Bamboo bedding has become very popular in the United States and beyond. Believe it or not, Rayon from Bamboo fabric is actually softer than Egyptian cotton.  To our touch and feel test, they are softer than 1200 Thread Count(TC) cotton sheets.  They just have a great silky feel which cotton fabrics just don’t match up. Wait, it gets even better. Bamboo sheets may actually even aid you get a more healthy night’s sleep, and as far as we know- it is healthier on the environment as well.

Here is how: As everyone knows, Bamboo grows remarkably fast and it requires very little water and care.  It grows naturally in forests, mostly in the Far East.  As it grows, it produces generous amounts of oxygen which benefits our eco-system tremendously. In addition to producing oxygen, it is able to grow naturally without the use of fertilizers, pesticides, or other harmful chemicals. Yet another benefit to the environment, and to our own well-being.

Caring for Bamboo products is easier and more cost effective then you may presume. Simply wash with cold water and use about half the detergent you typically use. Toss the sheets in the dryer on a low-heat, gentle cycle. That’s all there is to it- just a few simple steps (that will save you money with utilities and detergent costs!)

So, a great bedding set, with an unbelievable silky soft feel that’s good for the environment and saves you money…

Sound too good to be true? Well, it is not too good… It would be too good, if it was for free, or cooked dinners for you, or if it paid for your kids college education.  It does neither one of those. But it is a very good wholesome product that would make you feel wonderful in bed…to the point of feeling sexy, though the cause of this fact might be scientifically in dispute.

If you still don’t believe us, do what we did before we introduced Bamboo Sheets to our stores.  Buy small and test it.  Try a set of bamboo pillow cases first.  A set of two bamboo pillow case with 300TC should be somewhere between $29-$33.  If it stood to its reputation then order the full set.

Bamboo 2We could go on and on.  But we are going to stop here with one final note.  Before buying and introducing Rayon from Bamboo sheets to our stores, we tried numerous Thread Counts, to see if there were any differences between them.  Well, there are.  As far as we have investigated the market, Bamboo sheets are produced anywhere from 200 TC to 400 TC, mainly in China and rarely any higher.  In fact, we would be highly suspicious of the people who would claim otherwise as we don’t know of any producer that would be willing to go higher than 400 TC in a cost effective manner for the U.S. market place.  And, like cotton sheets, bamboo sheets come in different weaves. We tried them all and eventually settled on 300 TC with twill weave.  Less than 300TC is too coarse without that sexy sheen that bamboo sheets are famous for.  Higher than 300TC, the sheets become too amiable for use and especially problematic for washing and care.  We chose twill weave as they are a bit heartier and more resistant to peeling, a rare but persistent problem with this product especially if the TC is more than 300.

Happy Summer!!!

Visit our website to read more specific information on Bamboo Viscose Bed Sets, and their pricing: Bamboo sheets, towels, duvet covers, and pillowcases.

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Celebrating Hand Crafted Creations


Here’s to the artists who use their hands, hearts, and minds

to create and enrich our lives,

And to those who support the talent of these dedicated artisans.

Yes, buying a hand-made item keeps spiritual creativity alive. It enhances our lives by beautifying our homes, and reduces waste in our world and environment. Purchasing art made by human hands is unlike any other buying experience. It is the act of supporting artists’ dreams, affirming their talent, and valuing their years of patient practice. It is in a way, participating in their creative lives. Besides making our house a beautiful home, it is also possible that the art work we buy today might appreciate as years go by. It is this human exchange that enables our culture to flourish economically and artistically. That, my friend, is what buying handmade work is all is about.yhst-132345186137217_2265_34872395

The amount of preparation, dedication and precise execution needed to produce an original product is incomparable to that of a factory made item. Just take a look at these highly stylized three dimensional metal tree sculptures, which display the tedious efforts and dedication to trade necessary to produce handcrafted art. Individual branches are hand shaped, welded, and painted, resulting in an exquisite rendering of a tree. Each piece is brought to life with vibrant dimension and radiating color.

yhst-132345186137217_2264_14442286The tradition of creating hand-made works has continued to evolve throughout the years. Today’s artists have made tremendous contributions to the arts by combining new visions and techniques with the time-proven methods of traditional work. At SilkenWool Home we celebrate the works of these talented individuals in many different mediums. We carry works of such varied traditions as glass arts, wood works, lamp and lighting designs and much more. Our collection of fine Persian rugs is second to none in the world…

The 'Sickle Leaf' Rug, a hand knotted Persian Fine Rug, just sold at auction for $33,700,000! To Learn More:

The ‘Sickle Leaf’ Rug, a hand knotted Persian Fine Rug, just sold at auction for $33,700,000!
To Learn More:

The tradition of creating Persian rugs has been passed down from generation to generation, dating back to the ancient Persia. Persian rugs timeless beauty, impeccable craftsmanship, and enduring quality is renowned throughout the world.

Persian Rugs tend to not only hold their value, but appreciate in price as times go-by. They do so because of their superb craftsmanship that is honed by centuries of practice. The knot making, the dying of the yarn, the shaving of the rug after it comes down from the loom, have all been practiced to perfection throughout Iran’s long history.

One of a kind Persian Rug, Silk flowers on a Silk Foundation. Currently in Silken Wool Home's Collection. 6'x'9 hand-knotted in Tabriz, Iran

One of a kind Persian Rug, Silk flowers on a Silk Foundation. Currently in Silken Wool Home’s Collection. 6’x’9 hand-knotted in Tabriz, Iran

Generally speaking choosing to purchase hand-made items helps to reduce our environmental footprint, as most pieces are made of completely natural elements such as burl wood, wool, silk, metals, or clays, ETC.

At Silkenwool home we support and applaud artists who make eco-friendly choices. The artist who created the magnificent burl bowls (picture included), collects fallen woods which he miraculously recycles to create these rustic decorative pieces. We look forward to expanding on the topic of environmentally friendly design in our future posts.

BurlWe believe in supporting artisans as much as possible, and strive to bring to market place unique items that would enhance our clients’ homes for generations to come. A piece of art says just as much about the artist who created it as it does about the person who bought it and the people who sold it. We are proud for being part of this circle.

We invite you to visit our galleries at SilkenWool , or in our Stores.

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Creating Your Own World Of Functional Art

Creating Your Own World Of Functional Art.

All too many of us succumb to the preposterous notion that sensible and useful can’t be attractive. Perhaps we simply forget, or overlook the reality, which is “functional” not only can, but should, be vibrant, elegant, and thought evoking. The beauty of collecting functional art is in its inclusive nature, and endless practicality.

“Decorating golden rule: Live with what you love.” Unknown

What if every morning, you woke up, surrounded by your own distinct, unique, idea of beauty?
What if the things that represented this idea of beauty weren’t lavish paintings or rare antiques that sat only on a display, but functional pieces that were a necessary ingredient in your day to day life?
Is it possible to need something for its practical use, as well as its aesthetic appeal?
I think so. We all have moments that inspire us. These moments come differently for all of us, at different times in different places. How or when is not so much the important part, but instead finding ways to replicate those peaceful, awe inspiring moments, in your everyday life. Although this may sound like an awfully abstract idea, a romantic notion, it is actually quite simple. Start collecting functional art.

“Collectors are buying a lifestyle. It gives them a connection to a dream.” Penny Duncklee

Handmade vase with Hanging RugFilling your home with what is known as functional art, is a way of treating yourself, a way of reminding yourself to slow down and enjoy the little moments that we so often neglect. Adding the right pieces will immediately transform your space, and the quality of your experience in that space.

The easiest and most profound item you can add to your home is a rug. The right rug will compliment any space, in turn transforming the room’s potential. The tradition of using rugs to evoke a feeling of peace dates back to ancient Persia. Traditional Persian rugs are often a floral design, an attempt to create a feeling of being in a garden, submerged in flowers and blue skies. Be patient and be discriminating, don’t buy a rug simply to cover the floor. The right rug will tell a story. It will connect with the other pieces in the room, and more importantly it will connect with you.

Pay ample attention to the lighting in your space. A unique, sophisticated artisan light will change the entire mood of your room. There are various routes you can go, depending on your space and budget. A hanging silk lamp, or even lit branches, can go miles in making a bland space unique. For a more bold statement, add a floor lamp or a silk/glass table lamp. Investing in lighting you love is beyond practical, as you will use this product day in and day out. It will greet you in the morning and be the last bit of use you get out of any of your possessions before you fall asleep at night.

Authentic Persian Rug (Qum, Silk, 700 knot/sq inch) Rustic Onyz stone shade table lamp, Hand welded metal tree wall hanging (Made by American Artist)

Authentic Persian Rug (Qum, Silk, 700 knot/sq inch) Rustic Onyz stone shade table lamp, Hand welded metal tree wall hanging (Made by American Artist)

Adding smaller pieces will also greatly enhance the quality of experience in your home. Swap out the plastic salad bowl you’ve been using for years, and replace it with an authentic handcrafted wooden bowl. You’ll find the presences of the bowl will create a charming, rustic feel to your table. Instead of a plain glass vase, treat yourself to a colorful piece of hand-blown glass. Having one of a kind, unique pieces, are not only conversation starters, but heirlooms you will eventually pass on to your children, along with the stories that will accumulate throughout the years with your collection.

“Buy art because you like it and because it moves you, and because it enhances your life.” Dan Fear

“Home,” whether it’s a studio in the midst of a hectic city, a farm house buried in the fields of the country, or wherever in-between, is our opportunity to create an escape from the humdrum of day to day life. Let’s face it, we all get caught in the same robotic routine eat, sleep, work, repeat. We literally and figuratively forget the importance of adding a little color. We lose ourselves in the rat race, and neglect our need as unique beings to express ourselves. Luckily, it’s never too late to make a change. Perhaps the most important place to begin is the place you call home.

Every time you add a piece of functional art to your home, your adding value that will never diminish. All it takes is making a conscious effort to be selective and thoughtful in your purchasing. This will inevitably result in a collection of art that not only inspires you, but is also “functional.” Your home will in turn transform into a gallery of your own design, a center of purpose and beauty.

For additional product information, and to being collecting today, please visit our site

Silken Wool Home | B.Simon

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